Terms & Conditions

A boarding contract is made on the basis of the following conditions:

Health: The health of the boarding dog is of paramount importance. The dog owner must give assurance that their pet is fit and healthy; free of any skin disorders or parasites; and has not come in contact with any infectious disease.

Admittance will not be given to any dog showing signs of ill health. We do not accept puppies under 3 months of age. Please let us know if your bitch is in season or likely to be so during her stay with us. The management reserves the right to refuse admission to unmanageable dogs or to return them to their owners should a problem develop during their stay.

Vaccinations: Dogs will not be accepted unless they have been vaccinated against Distemper, Parvo Virus, Leptospirosis and Infectious Heptatitis. An Intrac vaccination against Kennel Cough is also required. A current veterinary certificate of vaccination and/or booster relating to each animal to be boarded needs to be presented upon arrival at the kennels. The vaccinations must have been carried out at least 5 days prior to arrival.

Boarding and Charges: Charges will be made for a full day’s boarding on both the day of arrival and the day of leaving. We reserve the right to charge for the whole period booked in the event of late delivery or early collection. Heating will be provided as necessary and a heating supplement will be charged from October to April.

Payment: All accounts must be settled in full before the dog leaves the premises. A deposit will be required at the time of arrival. Fees for long term stays are payable monthly in advance.

Cancellations: Should you need to cancel a booking, a cancellation fee for half of the total of the full rate will apply. If sufficient notice enables accommodation to be re-let, the cancellation fee will be waived.

Unclaimed Animals: The management reserves the right to charge double the daily boarding rate for pets not collected when the agreed boarding period expires. If we do not receive any instructions from the owners of the dog two weeks after the agreed collection date, we will re-home the animal if suitable accommodation can be found.

Veterinary Service: The owner authorises the management to seek veterinary assistance for the dog if considered necessary, and undertakes to settle any additional expenses (not covered by the kennels insurance) at the time of collection.

General: All leads, toys ant other personal property are welcome but are left entirely at the owner’s risk. All possible care is given to the dogs, but it is to be clearly understood that all pets are accepted only at the owners risk and according to the terms of this application.